Fort Aero ASi stipendium

Statutes of the Fort Aero AS Scholarships

1. The Fort Aero AS Scholarship of the Fund of Estonian Aviation Academy (hereinafter the EAVA Fund) administered by Tartu Kultuurkapital has been founded to enhance the
learning motivation and social activity of the EAVA students of the curricula of Aeroplane Piloting and Aeronautical Engineering with the specialization in Aircraft Engineering.(Amendment from 04.05.2020).

2. The Statutes shall provide the principles and procedure for announcing the competition for the scholarship and for its allocation.

3. One scholarship shall be awarded to one EAVA student of the curriculum of Aeroplane Piloting and one scholarship shall be awarded to one EAVA student of the curriculum Aeronautical Engineering with the specialization in Aircraft Engineering. (Amendment from 04.05.2020).

4. The amount of the scholarship is 800 Euros. (Amendment from 04.05.2020).

5. One scholarship can be awarded at one and the same competition. (Amendment from 04.05.2020).

6. Competitions for the Fort Aero AS scholarships can be held for up to two times a year. In the autumn term the competition for Aeroplane Piloting curriculum scholarship shall be announced by 3 October at the latest, and in the spring term the competition for the Aeronautical Engineering curriculum with the specialization in Aircraft Engineering scholarship shall be announced by 5 May. (Amendment from 04.05.2020).

7. The announcement of competitions for scholarships shall be determined by the Council of EAVA Fund proceeding from the finances allocated for scholarships by the donor.
(Amendment from 04.05.2020).

8. An open competition for the scholarship shall be announced by SA Tartu Kultuurkapital. The announcement shall be made public on and , and through the Academy students’ mailing lists.

9. Any Academy student of the curriculum of Aeroplane Piloting and curriculum of Aeronautical Engineering with the specialization in Aircraft Engineering studying full time
and having no academic arrears shall qualify for the scholarship. Academic progress, social activity and motivation shown for their curriculum shall be evaluated when awarding the scholarship. (Amendment from 04.05.2020).

10. The following documents shall have be submitted to Tartu Kultuurkapital by the date and to the address as fixed in the competition announcement:

1) An application pro forma as detailed in the competition announcement (electronically, the scholarship application form);
2) Curriculum Vitae;
3) An essay* (1–2 pages) on the topic provided in the competition announcement approved by the Council of EAVA Fund.

11. The Academy Studies Department shall confirm that the applicant is an EAVA student and shall issue the transcript of academic records.

12. The Council of EAVA Fund shall appoint the 3-member scholarship committee to evaluate the applications and award the scholarships. The representative of Fort Aero AS
shall act as the chair of the committee. In addition to the chair the committee shall include a representative of the Council of EAVA Fund and a representative of EAVA Aircraft Piloting Department or EAVA Aeronautical Engineering Department. (Amendment from 04.05.2020).

13. The committee shall review the applications and make the decision on awarding the scholarship(s) by the date fixed in competition announcement. Electronic voting can be used to forward the committee member’s decision in the case all the committee members have been ensured the opportunity to get acquainted with all the applications

14. The scholarship committee shall be valid only if all the members appointed attend the meeting, the chair included. Minutes of the committee meetings shall be taken. The
committee shall submit their decision to Tartu Kultuurkapital for approval.

15. In the case of electronic voting the chair shall formalize the results of voting in the form ofa resolution, whereas the committee members’ mails on voting shall be enclosed. The set of documents mentioned above shall be considered as the report on voting.

16. The scholarship shall be paid out as a one time lump-sum payment. The recipient of the scholarship and SA Tartu Kultuurkapital shall sign a contract on the scholarship.

17. Scholarship recipients shall be announced at an Academy public event taking place closest to the date of resolution on awarding the scholarships (aviation seminar, the Academy anniversary assembly, graduation ceremony).

18. Any possible arguments having arisen in relation to awarding the scholarships shall be resolved by the scholarship committee, who shall inform the Council of EAVA Fund

19.This redaction of Statutes of the Fort Aero AS Scholarships comes into force 04.05.2020.

20. The redaction of Statutes of the Fort Aero AS Scholarships, adopted 02.06.2015 becomes
invalid after this redaction comes into force.
* An essay is a short piece of writing expressing the author’s personal points of view on a
particular subject whereas the way the problem has been set shall exclude the compilation from
various pieces of work. At least one primary source shall have to be used. All the viewpoints
quoted or referred to in the essay shall have to be provided with proper reference. The list of
materials used shall have to be appended to the writing

Fort Aero ASi stipendiumi statuut on kinnitatud Tartu Kultuurkapitali nõukogu 22.05.2020 otsusega nr 27.


2020 kevadsemesteril Oskar Saarepera

2019 kevadsemestril Agnes Oberg, sügissemestril Raido Vint

2018 kevadsemestril Märt Mustkivi, sügissemestril Agnes Oberg

2017 kevadsemestril Märt Mustkivi, sügissemestril Märt Mustkivi

2016 kevadsemestril Anti Puutsa, sügissemestril Taavi Adamberg

2015 kevadsemestril Keir Lomp, sügissemestril Heidi Mesipuu

2014 kevadsemestril Reinold Käsik, sügissemestril Marje Mölder